Lény et Joséphine

sont partis de Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port le 9 septembre 03 et se sont arrêtés à Burgos

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 vers la page de notre amie canadienne  http://www.santiago.ca/josephine.html


Quelques souvenirs

Here is My Poem
Pyrenees in the South of France
So high to climb
Do one step at a time
Slow is best for it is hot
When your up you must come down
Get it done before the light
Leaves this day for the night
Rest your head in your sack
At refugios build for Jack
All the pilgrim's strong opinions
With paced walks for many days
And to end this Camino
In Santiago, people
From Many lands.
Poem By Josephine V.

Refugio de la Calzada

Free dinner at Parroquia Santa Maria
Viana :

From left to right:  Cesar. Parroco.( Priest )  Josee   du Canada  Ontario.. Leah from Australia ...An Allemande,.. An English girl ,,and joseph luis Romero ( Hospitaliero )...Next to him another English girl.. next picture: from left to right : another Allemande,,,et puis 3 jeune filles de British Columbia ,,et apres another Priest his name was Jock or Jacques also from British Columbia...

 vers la page de notre amie canadienne  http://www.santiago.ca/josephine.html