It is good to be home again I must say first however my third try at the Camino was a great affair. My daugther and I we had a wonderful time walking all the way to Leon .We were however forced to stop in Leon because Helenaís feet could not take it any more. From day one in Roncesvales to Zuburi a 22-Km stretch gave us a hint on what was to come. Some people can walk the whole Camino and have no problems Helena she had a lot of Problems with her feet.

We did have great experiences walking the Camino and they are always new.

The weather is so different in May as to September. It is much colder in May. The people you meet are new and different too, their stories their lives and their experiences are also new.


We thought being there end of April to end of May would mean less Pelegrinos .Not so. There were many Canadians, many Germans, and plenty of Italians even two people from the little country of Luxembourg, French people Brazilians, and people from the UK.



The Refugios were always full and if youíre a slow walker like I am you risk not getting a bunk, but only a mattress on the floor. Whish was also a lot of fun.

Talking about being slow (well I like to enjoy my surroundings)

There was a 79 old lady from Germany when she passed me she made me think of a silver Bullet zooming past.

On the Meseta I had the unfortunate experience of falling on my face. Trying to break this fall my left hand got cut rather nastily on a stone. A German couple who happened to be close were helping me back on to some normalcy.

After my pride was restored we continued on our way. For the next week I received free Help at Medical centers.

The Camino is one of the best places to be no matter were you start and you learn that it changes constantly.

You learn to accept the fact that Friendships made are of short duration.

Iím thinking of Brendan from Donegal, Ireland who talked with Helena a lot about Music.

Then there was Mireille the French Lady with her Hip problems a wonderful Personality.

Guido from Cuneo, Italy who continued on his way waving good bye.


We did meet on several occasions little Alberto with his Parents, I believe they were Bethan Davis and Ben Cole. Some one said they wrote a Book I think.

We met also David from Ontario, Canada , he was there alone minus his lovely wife he had lost her not long ago to cancer and it just was her birthday.

I felt a spiritual connection with this entire lovely folk , and to Earth, the Camino and now we say good bye.

Helena and I we hope for another try at the Camino someday with Gods help, and then I too want to zoom by the younger generation like a bullet.